Site Promotion Secrets – 5 Unstoppable Ways to Market Your New Site Online

Are you looking to start generating traffic to your new site? Then print this article out and study it and apply the methods!

Here are the 5 unstoppable ways to promote your new site:

1. Write A Press Release

Press releases involve a highly specialized kind of writing. If your press release is interesting, media people will pick it up and publish it and you will receive lots of traffic. My suggestion is to hire a press release writer on Elance or Get A Freelancer. Once your PR is finish, submit it using PRWeb.

2. Submit A Video

Video sharing sites like YouTube receive masses of visitors everyday. Tap into these massive traffic source by submitting an interesting video. An interesting video has the potential to be passed around virally on the Internet through word-of-mouth marketing. Here is a secret shortcut to submit your video to the most popular video sites without the hassle of going to each of them:

3. Create A Blog

A blog can generate tons of traffic through different methods like tag and ping, social bookmarking and search engine optimization. Create a simple blog at Blogger or WordPress.

4. Write And Submit Articles

This is an ‘old school’ method that still works like crazy. If you are not proficient in writing or don’t wish to write any articles, you can always hire a writer or two at Elance or Get A Freelancer to do the job for you. Then, submit your articles to high trafficked article directories.

5. Pay Per Click Advertising

With pay per click advertising, you’d want to ‘attack’ the lesser-known PPC engines as well, such as Kanoodle, Miva, Findology, 7Search, GoClick and so on. These engines have far lesser competition and you’ll able to sweep most of the keywords clean.

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